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Sedona Optometric Physician, Dr. Serge Wright, was recently the topic of an editorial in Optometric Physician,  an online E journal, with articles on the latest medications and scientific studies on eye disease.

The editor visited Sedona and wrote an editorial about the gorgeous scenery and Dr. Wright’s hi-tech instruments and practice.

A weekly e-journal
by Arthur B. Epstein, OD, FAAO

Volume 6, Number 44

Monday, November 6, 2006


We spent last Thanksgiving taking in the breathtaking scenery and relaxed atmosphere in Sedona, AZ. For those of you who have never visited Sedona, it is a gorgeous section of the mountainous north of Arizona noted for its stunning red rocks. The landscape is remarkable no matter how you view it, whether hiking on the ground or peering down from an airplane at 35,000 feet (as I discovered during a recent flight).

Before heading back home, we decided to take advantage of a long-standing invitation to visit Serge Wright's Sedona practice. Serge has practiced there for years and has a large, superbly equipped office. As I took the tour, I couldn't think of a single high-tech instrument that he didn't have-or that I didn't want. I've always thought of myself as a gadget freak and an early adopter, but I also believed that an experienced examiner could be just as effective using conventional instruments. Boy, was I wrong.

As Serge demonstrated some of his equipment and shared several "interesting" patients, I was blown away. There were cases that would have been impossible to diagnose or been easily misdiagnosed with conventional techniques that became glaringly obvious when examined using high-tech equipment.

By the time we left Serge's office, I realized just how far current standards of care lag behind the cutting edge. It is important for us not only to accept new technology but to adopt and learn to use it effectively, as Serge has. Next time I am in Sedona with some time, I may just schedule an appointment.

Arthur B. Epstein


Arthur B. Epstein, OD, FAAO
Chief Medical Editor


To be recognized by one’s peers is an extreme honor especially by someone as knowledgeable about eye care as Dr. Epstein.  The Staff of Sedona Eye Care and Dr. Wright are extremely honored to be mentioned by Dr. Art Epstein in Optometric Physician.  His editorial goes to show that cutting edge eye care is available in Northern Arizona.

Sedona Eye Care and Sedona Surgery Center are located at 95 Soldiers Pass Road and are affiliated with some of Arizona’s finest eye surgeons.  Scott Perkins M.D., Cataract, Laser & Refractive Surgery specialist; Warren Victor M.D., Oculoplastic & Reconstructive specialist; Sharam Danesh, M.D., Retinal Disease Surgery specialist and Andrew Rabinowitz M.D., Glaucoma Surgery specialist.

Dr. Wright has cared for his patients for over 30 years. Please click on our patient's testimonials to read what they have to say.

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