Todd Winant

Sedona Eye Care testimonial

Dear Dr. Wright,

I've been to many optometrists in Arizona over the past years and none of them have been able to fit me with glasses that felt perfect.

You got it right on the first visit. You and your staff listened to what I wanted and took the extra effort to help me see the way I envisioned I could. It is great to see clearly again after years of frustration.

You and your people represent excellence in eye care service. I greatly appreciate your people's patients.

Thank you for taking care of me,

Todd Winant

Carol Burton

Testimonial Sedona Eye Care

I recently underwent cataract surgery on both eyes with the Restore lens.  I decided after 20 years of mono contacts it was time to proceed with my surgery to correct my vision.  Before my vision was corrected with the Restore lens i had some vision problems with reading medication labels on bottles and in the kitchen with some of the small appliances that required programming of small buttons.

I had my right eye corrected in March of 2006; 2 weeks later I was extremely happy with the outcome and decided to proceed with the left.  The outcome of the final surgery has been more than I had hoped for.  My eyes are as sharp as they were in my childhood years through to my Forties. 

I would recommend this surgery to everyone and not wait to enjoy your vision for the many years ahead of my young age of 71 years.  I am now reading that fine print on those medication bottles, getting more information probably more than they wanted me to know as I am saying with a smile.   I am very excited about referring my friends to my Cataract Specialist and Surgeon; Dr. Scott Perkins whom I feel was a wonderful, well qualified doctor and not to mention his personality.

Carol Burton

Dr. John H. Harris

Sedona Eye Care Testimonial

I am an 82 year old, semi-retired physician who has worn glasses since age 13.  During the past approximately 70 years of eye-care, refractions and new glasses prescriptions I have had the opportunity of being seen by opticians, optometrists and ophthalmologists in small community, national chains, large city, and university hospital settings.

As on might imagine, the quality of eye-care I received varied greatly - not necessarily being neither the worst in small communities nor the best in university hospital settings.

My wife and I moved to Sedona, Arizona in 2001 where we have had the great opportunity to become patients of Serge W. Wright, Doctor of Optometry at the Sedona Eye Care Center and his caring, knowledgeable, efficient staff.  While not a physician, Dr. Wright conducts himself as one in that, when clinically appropriate, every visit to the Clinic includes testing for dry-eye disease, glaucoma, and lens and retinal pathology by Dr. Wright.

The patients attending the Clinic are, to Dr. Wright, more than people who need new or adjusted eye-glasses.  Dr. Wright considers, and treats, each of his patients in the way that family doctors of by-gone years treated their patients.  As an example, my sister-in-law went to see Dr. Wright because she thought that one of her eye lids was drooping.  At the end of Dr. Wright's negative examination of her eyes, Dr. Wright listened to her carotid arteries with a stethoscope, a medical instrument not typically found in an eye clinic, and detected a murmur which was unsuspected.  Dr. Wright referred my sister-in-law to a cardiologist in the next building that same day.  Within three days, my sister-in-law underwent open heart surgery to replace a nearly completely closed aortic valve.  It is absolutely fair to say that had Dr. Wright not listened to her carotid arteries, it is reasonable that my sister-in-law might not be alive today.  She is and has returned to playing golf and living a normal lifestyle.

In keeping with the highest standards of eye-care, the Sedona Eye Care Clinic has all the modern and up-to-date equipment Dr. Wright requires in order for him to completely examine his patient's eyes.  The Sedona Eye Care Clinic has the type of sophisticated diagnostic and testing facilities that one would expect to find in university hospital settings.

I am pleased to prepare this brief description of the uniquely superior quality of comprehensive eye care provided by Dr. Serge Wright and his fine staff, because I have personally experienced that care and because Dr. Wright provides an invaluable service uncommonly found in communities the size of Sedona.

John H. Harris, Jr. M.D., D. Sc.


Robert McClay

Robert Testimonial

A thank you to Dr. Serge Wright of Sedona Eye Care and surgeon; Dr. McGarey of Barnet Dulaney Perkins Eye Center for my cataract surgery. 

This successful surgery gave me back a large part of my life.  I was able to pass a vision test at the Department of Motor Vehicle without the assistance of glasses.


Robert McClay

Mr. & Mrs. Harper

Sedona Eye Care Testimonials

We met Dr. Wright in 1989 after  just moving to Sedona, Az.  We were at a Sedona Chamber Mixer at the Sedona Eye Care building.  A very nice man came up to us and introduced himself and Dr. Serge Wright.  He was instantly hired as our new optometrist!! 

We had 3 young children, all of whom wore glasses.  Dr. Wright and his staff are extremely friendly and efficient.  They are excellent in dealing with all manner  of people, starting from age 3 to age 100 plus.  I know this because,, as time went on from our initial meeting, Dr. Wright not only took care of our 3 children, who are now 30ish adults, (and will travel literally over 100 miles just to have Dr. Wright take care of their eyes!!) to my mother (late 80's), my mother-in-law (late 80's), and now my grand baby!!   

We have the utmost respect for Dr. Wright's ability, thoroughness,  and expertise that we placed our dearest loved ones in his hands with no hesitation.    



Travis Duwyenie

This is a personal essay that Travis wrote in his English class in 2008.


Since the third grade when I was eight years of age I was repeatedly made fun of or told I wouldn't succeed in what I wanted to accomplish. Luckily, I had the satisfaction of taking all those jokes and thoughts of failure and shoving it back in their faces. All the jokes and such started around third grade but my problem started in kindergarten.

I remember every year I would always dread the day of school screening. It would always be the same routine every year, starting off with hearing. I'd always get a perfect score, so I head to the weighing station and I'd always just be a tad overweight. Then, would be the vision test. " S E" I would say. It was the second row from the top and every year until fifth grade I would have a note going home to my mom from the nurse saying I needed to see an eye doctor.

Since that horrid screening in kindergarten I've leaped from eye doctor to eye doctor and even specialists for my eyes. They would always come up with the same stupid diagnosis. " He's being a baby and wanting attention."

When I heard this it angered me to no end because I never liked being called a baby. I was tired of barely being able to see the baseball being hurled at me and especially when I missed it and it planted right into my body. I also strained to see who scored on the other side of the field when I played soccer. A new pair of glasses was given to me every year but they were no success. I kept telling my mom that," I still can't see and these glasses didn't work."

In the fifth grade I went to my greatest eye doctor that could try and help me. His name was Serge Wright and he was with Sedona Eye Care. He was very king to me and greeted me with a big smile. He placed me in many different contraptions which I didn't know their uses. He told me, " I'll do everything I can to figure out what's wrong with your eyes."

"FInally", I yelled. I was finally going to find out what was wrong with my eyes even though I was a little frightened about it. When it was my turn to go back and see Dr. Wright he told me that I have a disturbance in my retina and that this is a Juvenile Macular Degeneration, but for short he called it Stargart's Disease.

From then on people could start to understand my problem and they could be able to help me, but there were still those who doubted. They would make me pity myself from time to time with their jokes and laughter when I'd pull out my monocular to read the board, but I'd soon suck it up. I'd wish that just one day I could have 20/20 vision just like every other kid but it wasn't holding me back.

Now I'm in high school. I try and refuse any help offered to me unless really needing it because all I need is my hated/beloved monocular. These days I really don't need help because I'm one of the best on my golf team and do very well on my basketball team. All I need is a person to help me find my golf ball when I crush it three hundred and forty yards down the fairway. All that being made fun of as a little kid and even now taught me that some people who can't do things themselves try to tell you that you can't do it either. So that has made me a very driven individual and I am always up for a challenge to prove someone wrong and show them I can do it.

This is a photo of Travis in his new bioptic glasses.


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