Lens Styles:

Single vision and multifocal lenses are available.  Multifocal lenses include:  lined bifocals, blended bifocals, lined trifocals, progressive lenses.  Our expert staff works with each individual to provide them with the lens style that will best suit their needs.


Single Vision Lenses best suit the person who has need for correction at only distance or only near.  They are also prescribed for persons who, due to physical limitations or special-use needs, are not candidates for multifocal lenses.


Lined BiFocals are not as popular as they once were. However, they still meet the needs of some people who need only distance and near correction.  Blended Bifocals work like lined bifocals, except the line is not visible.


Lined Trifocals offer vision at distance, mid-range and near.  This provides a third area of vision that is not offered in the bifocal for those who do a lot of work at arm's length.


Progressive Lenses have no lines, and are an excellent alternative to lined bifocal and trifocal lenses.  They offer vision at distance and near, and provide all of the midrange distances, including arm's length.  This makes the lenses more like your natural vision in focusing at all distances without the lines.


Computer Lenses come in a variety of styles including single vision and progressive.  The eye conditions, the type of work, and the placement of the computer on the desk are determining factors in choosing the lens style that best suits a person's needs.

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